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Gathering Information

The following series is just to illustrate how there are different ways of collecting images, in order to make one completed work. The first three pieces are watercolour studies I painted as a student back in 1980. I literally took paper and paints to the area I wanted to capture and produced water colour sketches over a period of several days. I then took the sketches and created the last piece in the studio.

So the sketches were reference. I could have used photographs, but back then one had to wait several days to get prints back in the mail. Another way of retaining information I found was to just look, listen and soak in the surroundings. Then paint later from memory.

I wasn't completely happy with the finished product. However, the journey did produce some satisfying sketches that work as pieces in their own right.

Back then I had to load everything on my trusty motorcycle, a 1976 Yamaha RD200. later upgraded to a 1977 Yamaha XS 250.

Many miles were covered looking for interesting landscapes.

To the right is the final piece .

'Whiteknights Lake' Oil on paper.

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