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Late to the Party

My name is Mark I'm 63 years old and this is my first blog. I am retired and have dedicated the last 18 years to my painting. I started getting serious about art when I was 15. I was at The Bedford School in England studied for 'A' level art (I also took History and French, loved the history totally failed the french). After school I gained a place at Reading University and spent four years 1978-1982 getting a B.A. in Fine Art with honours. In 1980 I came to Saskatchewan for the first time, and the landscape had a profound effect on me. The big skies, the prairie landscape and the northern lakes and forests. So much of an effect that I emigrated to Canada in 1983. I have lived in Saskatoon ever since. Though I have travelled around Europe and Nth America, Saskatoon is always home.

Right, so now you're all thoroughly bored, what am I going to Blog about. Well the goal is to write about my art. What motivates me, why I am passionate about what I do, introduce you to my painting, my methods and my enviroment. I am primarily an acrylic on canvas sort of guy. Though I have done the odd watercolour or two. So stay tuned. Thanks for reading.

PS This is my studio and this is Hannah my helper.

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Rhiannon Millard
Rhiannon Millard
Jan 17

Good stuff!

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