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It's ok to re-use

This is a canvas I started over a year ago, it measures 36 inches by 48 inches ( sorry I still don't do metric) I wasn't sure at the time which direction the piece was going and it didn't make me happy. Inevitably it got punted off to the side whilst I worked on other ideas and works. After languishing for over a year on the rack, I needed a larger size canvas to complete a series I was working on. I didn't have a blank canvas that size so I decided to re-use this piece and that's ok. Canvas isn't cheap, so putting another work on top of another is in my books perfectly acceptable (as long as both pieces are yours). However note of caution I would advise priming the old image first especially if you are going to use a different medium.

I did not add a primer, as you can see those squiggles (artistic terminology) are wet acrylic paint right out of the tube. I used acrylic on top of acrylic. And hey presto here is the finished piece. The curious thing is this turned out nothing like I anticipated, all pre-conceived ideas went out the window and the painting took on a life of its own. And that my friends is why I love painting. You just never know.

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