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Organisation. The constant challenge.

I am very fortunate to have been able to build my studio in the corner of our garage. It measures eighteen feet by 10 feet. Previous studios had been taking space in the house, whilst workable it was not ideal. Smaller, cramped spaces, combined with the paint fumes. So moving 4 years ago into a separate space with more room was a treat. I also created more wall space, Thus being able to hang and photograph works and work on larger canvases that the easel couldn't cope with. Storing paintings in their various stages has become more of a challenge . This is my third edition of the racking. It seems to work well for now. Just be mindful

to stack as upright as one can to avoid the wood stretchers leaning on unprotected canvas.

Shelving really helps and if you have access to parts boxes or containers. I organise my paints and supplies accordingly. That's not to say chaos doesn't ensue when working, as nothing seems to get put back in its place. Set aside clean up time. But don't let it distract from that moment of creativity when becoming emotionally involved with a canvas.

Happy painting. It's fun.

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